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‘Model’ refers to…

My blog is titled Freya’s Research, but to date, there has (rather sneakily) been a lack of posts related to what I actually do here in the QAEco lab.   Unfortunately, I don’t just look at orchids and take photos of … Continue reading

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The Wattles

Genus: Acacia Family: Mimosaceae This time of year (late winter into early spring) is a great time to have eyes and a nose.  One of the main reasons for this, is because it is the flowering time for many Acacias.  … Continue reading

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Trait-based Reading Group

Trait-based approaches to ecology and conservation I chose the paper for our recent lab Reading Group and we discussed McGill et al.’s (2006) paper on community ecology and functional traits.  General principals in community ecology are notoriously hard to find.  … Continue reading

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